Guide2Give is built of love and friendship.

For us Guide2Give symbolizes a bridge between the people and the quest for a more sustainable world, where the responsibility for the future lies in the hands of everyone - from manufacturer to end customer.

Therefore, we value help-to-self-help as we know that this builds up our women's confidence and provide hope for tomorrow. Together, we solve a need for all parties and make a direct difference. Today we are ten employees in Sweden, together with 400 female artisans in Uganda constitute Guide2Give. Two of us are originally from Uganda. Our strong connection and love for the beautiful country and its people are the driving force to build a strong future for rural women and make a difference that extends through generations.

With love and fellowship, we can create magic.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped and continues to help us on the journey we have started. A big thank you to Anne-Lie at Västerås Gurkan for their commitment, passion and faith in our association. We also want to thank our partners in social entrepreneurship Coompanion Västmanland. And Photographer Bob Rowsse at Free State Cinema for images from Uganda and Photographer Mathilda Stenholt Svärdh for the interior images.

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